Wellspring of Humanity
Atheism is preposterous

They call us “anti-science” for believing in God, but their belief system runs contrary to the fundamental law of causality.  Proof positive of God is all around us; the complexity of our planet is beyond all human understanding. The earth, the elements, the human body…all DESIGNED to work in perfect harmony with each other. We live in an orderly, unchanging universe, and our biological coding instructs our body to operate in certain ways. Instruction cannot, by definition, exist without construction. Our God came and proved His divinity by performing great miracles. He healed the sick, multiplied loaves, walked on water and even brought people back from the dead. His message of salvation through faith is transcendently life-altering, and His presence dwells within us all. Atheism is not a conclusion rooted in reason. It is, in fact, the very negation of reason. It is blind faith in nothing.